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You Got This

Supported 12 week training program for a stronger and better you.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online

Service Description

This is for you who is pregnant or have been given childbirth and wants to feel stronger and get motivated and receive tips and tricks to reach your personal mental or fitness goal. INCLUDING 
When you choose “You Got This” you will over the 12 weeks receive a - 90 minute intro session online - 12 week customised training program - lots of motivation and effective tips and tricks to reach your goal. - You will have the option of writing me between your sessions and ask all the questions you might have. - 
I will share videos or article to increase your knowledge about changing habits, protein rich recipes, breathing exercises and contraction exercises of the pelvic floor according to your goal. - the option of making body measurements DETAILS You will begin with one online session of 90 minutes, where I will get at better understanding of you and your everyday life. I can based on that information share the right videos and articles and recipes with you during the 12 weeks. In this session you will also be setting your goal and I will based on that goal create a safe and secure training program structured over three workouts per week. I am sure you will be able to find time for those workouts - I am sure they will make you fell stronger and better. During the 12 weeks you will have 5*30 minutes online follow up sessions where you can ask all those questions you might have, receive basic nutrition skills and ideas of how to change habits, get lots of motivation, tips and tricks. 

Within the last two weeks of your program you will have a evaluation session, where we are able to adjust the workout a little, look how close you are to receiving your goal and if we need to do further so you feel the strongest and best version of yourself. Upon request I can meet and do workouts with you.

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Vaduz, Liechtenstein

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