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by Sophie Edelgren

Elevate Your Mental and Physical Well-being through Personalized Coaching

I believe that living longer is not just about adding years to your life, but about adding life to your years by staying mentally and physically healthy as long as possible.


Its all about finding your balance in life

I am here to help you achieve better health, optimise your performance, and extend your lifespan.

As your coach, my aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to adopt sustainable, healthy habits in the realms of mental health, nutrition, and physical well-being.


Did you know...

Mental Health

  • Despite living in an era of unprecedented wealth, opportunities, and longevity, our society's mental health appears to be deteriorating.

  • Mental health disorders include a range of conditions like depression, stress, burnout, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. Each has its own set of symptoms and treatments.

  • Regular exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, stress management, and social support can all contribute to better mental health.

Physical Health

  • Exercise might be the most potent “drug” we have for extending the quality and perhaps quantity of our years of life.

  • You are never too old to do anything about it - as long as you are breathing, you have a chance to optimise your physical health.

  • Engaging in five minutes of exercise is more beneficial than doing nothing at all. 


  • Talking about overall health, there is NO diets (PALEO, VEGAN, KETO, LCD, Mediterranean diet ect.) that works better - it is all about balancing and your overall calorie intake.

  • Macronutrients: Carbohydrates are the body's primary energy source. Proteins are essential for tissue repair and growth. Fats provide energy and support cell function. A balance of these macronutrients is vital for optimal health.

  • Instead of restricting yourself from certain foods, focus on incorporating more nutritious options, plan your meals and establish guidelines for indulging in sweet treats.


The Process 

Initiate the process by scheduling your introductory call with me. During this session, feel free to ask any questions and determine which package aligns best with your needs.

Afterwards, articulate your mental and/or physical objectives by completing a survey. This information empowers me to craft a personalized training program and deliver delightful, inspiring meal recipes in a structured and secure manner that supports your goals.

Subsequently, you will receive your journal, and together we will review it to ensure the program suits you.


Finally, I extend a warm welcome as you embark on this journey. I'm eager to motivate and accompany you on your unique path toward a better and stronger version of yourself.

  • Receive 12 week training program and keep yourself going.

  • Supported 12 week training program for a stronger and better you.

  • 24 week training program focusing on your mental and physical health.

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My Story


I was born and raised in Denmark, and my passion for exploration, travel, continuous learning, and meeting new people has taken me around the world for studies and work since 2008. I am happily married to Peter, and together, we've lived abroad since 2015—initially in Thailand and currently in Liechtenstein, where we are raising our two children, Sia (born in Thailand in 2017) and Louis (born in Switzerland in 2019).


Throughout my life, I've embraced a commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle, a focus that intensified after being diagnosed with Colitis Ulcerative in 2014. The initial outbreak in 2014, coupled with the news that I had to rely on medication for the rest of my life, was emotionally challenging. It prompted me to question how I could maintain a normal work routine, socialize with friends without constant concerns about restroom availability, start a family, and be the wife Peter deserved. These were all aspects I needed to navigate anew.


With unwavering support from my family and friends, I embarked on a journey to make my body the best place for me to live. This involved adopting a cleaner diet, tuning into stress signals, and exploring various sports such as yoga, trail running, swimming, and crossfit.


Since early 2018, I have been medication-free and free from outbreaks. I attribute this to finding a balance that suits both my body and lifestyle.

Sophie Edelgren


Today, my chosen fitness regimen is CrossFit, a passion I've pursued since 2010, committing to three sessions each week. During family time, we relish activities like hiking, skiing, biking, and playful moments in the garden. Peter, my husband, is a culinary maestro, crafting delightful home-cooked meals primarily based on vegetarian recipes. Weekends are a special indulgence for me, featuring irresistible crisps and a good glass of wine.


I advocate against strict diets, firmly believing in the importance of adding nutritious elements to our meals rather than imposing 100% restrictions on carbs, sugar, or meat—a philosophy shaped by my experiences with various diets over the years. I've found that overly strict diets are challenging to sustain long-term, and for us to achieve lasting goals, our approach should be both sustainable and consistent.


I hold a deep appreciation for the incredible capabilities of women's bodies, particularly after going through two pregnancies. Witnessing the stress and hormonal changes that the body undergoes, I am also passionated about sharing my knowledge and working with women to help them find mental and physical balance during pregnancy and post-childbirth. The goal is for them to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience.


Motivated by this passion, I transitioned from a career in marketing, communication, sales, and e-business to further educate myself as a coach.


I'm eager to hear your story and provide support as you strive to reach your goals.



“Sophie Made Me Feel Training Was Safe and The Right Thing During My Pregnancy


“ A couple of months after my 3rd c-section, I just wasn't feeling like myself at all. Still 20+ kgs from my pre-pregnancy weight, exhausted, in constant pain and low in energy. I was motivated to do something about it, but simply didn't know where to start. Sophie put together a simple, effective and - most importantly - flexible training program for me. But what I didn't know I would also get out of the sessions with Sophie was that she helped me re-connect mentally with my mind and body in a time where all my energy was going to my family.”



By Sophieedelgren

 I got the boost I needed during my pregnancy, to get my training going again”


“ I have been with different personal trainers/coaches, and it comes directly from my heart when I say - I have never experienced such a dedicated, caring and professional trainer.. 
I quickly realised what differ Sophie from “the other” is her ability to step into your world and understand your starting point, and by that help you with your needed journey to succeed with your goals. 
Sophie is such a skilled trainer and always takes her time to explain, show and teach you “how to” and her support and guidance as a coach is really amazing. 
I have lost 7 kg and builded up muscles that I didn’t knew I had. But even better, my energy, my mindset and positive attitude has made me an even better mother and wife
Thanks for everything Sophie - you truly are the best.”


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