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About being

For many pregnant women, especially those experiencing it for the first time, navigating what is considered "allowed" in terms of activities, diet, and emotions can be challenging, given the abundance of opinions. To address this, I've compiled what I believe to be crucial information about this sweet (and sometimes challenging) waiting period. This resource is designed to help you understand the transformations in your body and provide insights into what to anticipate during pregnancy.


It's important to recognize that women undergo pregnancy in diverse ways, and it's entirely okay if your experience differs, and you may not love every moment of it. Embracing the uniqueness of your journey is key, and I'm here to support you through every step.

All Pregnancies are Unique

Do you feel insecure about what and how to train during pregnancy?

Or is it difficult to imagine what your life will look like after giving birth? 

During most pregnant women's lives, these feelings or worries will cross our minds - all pregnancies are individual and can in periods apply in both a positive and negative vibe.

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